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Cloud Chasing: Become a Master of the Art

Have you ever watched people with vape devices get their faces buried behind a thick vapour cloud? That’s cloud chasing! Due to its many benefits and its being a better alternative to smoking, vaping has become a go-to activity for many.

The popularity of vaping has inspired the creation of several vape-related fun activities and vape challenges. These activities involve using vape techniques to make vaping even more enjoyable. Cloud chasing is one of the common techniques, and this guide will shed more light on cloud chasing techniques and how to master the art.

What is Cloud Chasing?

Cloud chasing is a term that describes the act of producing thick clouds from heated e-liquids. It is sometimes called “stunt vaping” and has become an opportunity for skilled vapers to show off their expertise.

The fun in cloud chasing lies in every competitor trying to get the biggest cloud. Expert vapers use several inhalation and composition techniques to produce large clouds. If you are a new vaper wondering if you can join the fun, we’ll show you how.

Cloud Chasing Techniques

If you are new to vaping, you will require more training and exercises to produce large clouds. However, there is a general technique that every expert cloud chaser knows about, and it is to keep the draws fast and forceful.

Inhalation should be done slowly but for a long period for a better draw intensity, as this technique helps to produce large clouds. The difference between a deep draw and a shallow one is the type of technique applied.

Mouth-to-Lung Vs. Direct-to-Lung Techniques

These two styles are the popularly known vaping styles and differ in their motive and intensity. They describe how a vaper inhales vapour from their vape device.

The mouth-to-lung (MTL) style describes inhaling vapour from your e-cigarette directly into the mouth before passing it into the lungs. This allows the vaper to taste and savour the flavour of the e-liquid. It is a simple style best suited for beginners as it does not require special techniques.

However, the direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping technique describes when you inhale vapour from your e-cigarette directly into the lungs. This vaper does not get to fully savour the flavour or taste of the vape juice using this style. Also, DTL requires special techniques, and it is the best for cloud chasing as it allows the formation of thick and large clouds.

Other Key Things to Pay Attention to

Aside from the vaping technique, there are other factors or tricks that you should consider to help create the biggest cloud in the room. You need your device at its best and every other material working adequately. Here are some of the key factors;

· Choosing the right device:

Your choice of device is an important aspect of your cloud chasing success. A bad device will result in a poor vaping experience as there will be issues producing clouds from inhaled vape. Several device options exist, from disposable vape devices to sub-ohm vape devices.

Disposable vape devices are highly recommended for new vapers as they are easy to manage and use. Hence, you can start your cloud chasing journey with a disposable vape device. Just do your research adequately and choose a great vape brand.

· Vape liquid ingredients:

Ingredients are another key factor that helps determine your cloud’s quality when vaping or cloud chasing. Vape liquids contain various ingredients, including flavour, nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and Vegetable glycerin (VG).

Heating e-liquids with low nicotine content and a higher ratio of VG to PG typically produce better clouds. The VG in vape juices fuels the production of thick clouds for fun or competition.

· Purging:

Many cloud chasers have attested to the success of purging in aiding the creation of heavy clouds when vaping. It is an old trick that has kept many in the game, making them cloud chasing champions.

You purge by exhaling into your vape device right before you inhale deeply. This will help to kick the coils to make bigger clouds. However, this trick requires much more practice and expertise to ensure it does not go wrong. For this to work, you need a particular angle that is effective and safe for your eyes. Hence, you can watch several videos and be comfortable with your device before you try it.

· Using the right battery:

Batteries are responsible for powering a vape device; the better the battery capacity, the better the vaping experience. One of the factors you should not toy with for a successful cloud chasing is the vape battery.

You must ensure that you choose a vape with enough battery capacity to power the production of thick clouds.

Final Words

With the increase in the popularity of vaping, many people have joined the trend and are switching from traditional cigarettes to vape devices. The interest in vaping has moved from nicotine need to the need to explore and have fun. Cloud chasing has made this possible.

However, you need the tricks and techniques discussed in this guide to be a successful cloud chaser. Following these tips properly, you can move from being a novice to an expert cloud chaser with the necessary research and practice. If you need a disposable vape device to enjoy better vaping sessions, check out Twist by Happy Vapes Vibe.

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