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Why You Should Consider Vaping as a safer alternative

The earliest vaping devices looked like cigarettes but have evolved over the years.

The days of smoking traditional tobacco are fast becoming non-existent. This is unsurprising as vaping is a cleaner way to enjoy flavourful clouds. New vape devices have harnessed cutting-edge technology to create a more enjoyable relaxation.

Whether you're an established vaper or you're just curious about the act of vaping, this article delves into the reasons for vaping and the benefits of indulging in it.

6 Reasons You Should Consider Vaping

  1. The Aesthetic

Regular cigarette sticks are combustible materials rolled into thin paper for smoking. The ends of cigarettes are always lit with fire when in use. Consequently, a cigarette can be dangerous for everyone around its user. On the other hand, vapes have no such dangers. Its electronic feature makes it safe for the user and everyone around them.

A vape is an added fashion accessory to add to your aesthetic. Vapes have a variety of delectable flavours, from mint to citrus, sweets, and even spices. Except in very formal situations, people can use a vape anywhere. They are sleek and easily fit into your hand. Best of all, their vapours dissipate harmlessly into the environment, which makes them a more sustainable option if you are environment-conscious.

2. Cost-effective

Initially, vaping devices with their accessories may seem expensive. But when you think about it, vape devices are an investment in the long run. Smoking cigarettes is very costly, especially since an average smoker takes half a packet daily. If you sum it up, a cigarette smoker can spend as much as £45 per week. If we further sum that amount to a year, it will result in thousands of pounds.

Vaping is a more affordable option. One vape can last for as long as a month, depending on the type of device and the number of times the user takes it.

3. A Smoking Alternative

A smoking alternative is one of the best reasons to start vaping. Vaping and smoking cigarettes are very similar to each other, with vaping being the healthier option. Smokers will find it easier to take up vaping rather than stopping smoking completely. Smokers' withdrawal symptoms also reduce when one switches from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

Additionally, vaping is an excellent place to start if you hope to stop smoking completely. You can slowly leave the lifestyle by combining vaping with other support methods.

4. It Is Customizable

Vaping can be a gratifying hobby. When the industry started, there were limited options for flavours and vaporizers. Recently, the choices have expanded, and there is something for everyone.

With vaping, you can select different flavours, change the airflow, buy a different shape, and more. You have the freedom to create an experience to your preferred taste.

5. No Lingering Smell

No lingering smell is also a delicious reason to start vaping. If you're a smoker, you may have adapted to the smell of cigarettes, but that doesn't mean the people around you have also adapted to it. With the number of flavours available for you to choose from, vaping is an excellent choice to stop worrying about the smell of smoke.

When you switch to vaping, the only smell will be the sweet-smelling aroma of the cloud flavour. Smokers know how annoying it is to dust the ash of cigarettes from their clothes and environment. A vape solves this problem as the device contains zero amounts of ash. Furthermore, the need for an ashtray disappears.

6. A Vibrant Community

Like every other hobby, vaping has created a community of flavour smokers and enthusiasts. People derive joy in making more enormous clouds and discovering the complexities of vaping. There are conversations to have with these like-minded people and events, and you can even meet new friends through vaping.


Vaping is a great hobby as long as you're of legal age. It is socially acceptable, toxins-free, and a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. Smokers especially should consider vaping, as opposed to smoking cigarettes.

Whether you want a guarded puff or a wide-bellowing of clouds, vaping offers all that and more. By taking up vaping, you open yourself to meeting people of similar mindsets and a journey of self-expression. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Happy Vibes Vape for vape options!

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