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There have been numerous headlines recently about non-compliance and illegal sales of vaping products in the UK. Happy Vibes, as a responsible brand and company, takes compliance as the highest priority. Happy Vibes works closely with our compliance partner, Arcus Compliance Ltd, to ensure that all our vape products are 100% compliant in the UK and the EU. Our compliance protocol meets the highest standards and is integrated into our whole product development, marketing, sales, and other activities at Happy Vibes. We are very glad to bring our latest innovative product, “Twist”, to the market with full approval both from the MHRA and from Trading Standards via the PAP with Arcus Compliance Ltd. After much work on the emissions testing, as required by TPD, many reviews and updates on the packaging to ensure it all meets the CLP requirements, we finally are glad to say that all our “Twist” products are successfully notified on the MHRA website which means they can be sold legally in the UK market. At the same time, our compliance team obtained confirmation and approval from Trading Standards that the “Twist” disposable pod system complies with the requirements of the Tobacco and Related Regulations. In particular, the requirement that disposable electronic cigarettes do not exceed the 2ml limit.

​Certificate of compliance


Enquiry from MHRA Webiste

The MHRA’s guidance for vaping retailers says:

When sourcing new supplies of any e-cigarette or e-liquid product, check that a compliant notification has been published in one of the Notified Product lists above. If you cannot find the product on the MHRA’s website, ask your supplier to confirm that it has been published and provide details to enable you to confirm the product’s status. If a product has yet to achieve publication status, it may not supply it to you.

How to inquiry products on MHRA website​

Happy Vibes “Twist” has been published on MHRA websites already, click the following button and either input the brand name” Happy Vibes“; or input the ECID you can find on the back side of the package on the MHRA website where you will see the detail of all of Twist products that have been listed there. ​Alternatively, input the ECID of any of the 33 flavours – listed below – and/or the ECID of the Twist device itself.

Fizzy Cherry  
Watermelon Ice   
Fresh Mint    
Blueberry Raspberry    
Cotton Candy     
Blackcurrant Menthol     
Red Apple Ice        
Blueberry Sour Raspberry    
Strawberry Kiwi    
Purple Rain       
Blueberry Cherry Cranberry    
Kiwi Passion Guava    
Berry Lemonade     
Lemon & Lime    
Gummy Bear    
Pink Lemonade  
Crazy Blue    
Blue Razz Lemonade  
Blueberry Kiwi    
Strawberry Raspberry Cherry  
Pineapple Peach Mango   
Apple Peach   
Blood Orange Fuji Apple     
Peach Mango     
Boost Ice       

Cherry Lemonade       
Raspberry Grape Fruit   
Strawberry ice cream  
Strawberry Watermelon   
Juicy Peach Orange   

TWIST Device     



ECID: 08783-22-00001 

Enquiry from Trading Standards


Our compliance partner, Arcus Compliance Ltd, works as a Primary Authority Partner with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Trading Standards. Our product has been reviewed through this PAP with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Trading Standards and has been fully approved and agreed that the "Twist" disposable pod system complies with the requirements of the Tobacco and Related Regulations. In particular, the requirement that disposable electronic cigarettes do not exceed the 2ml limit.  If you have any questions or inquiries, please click the button below to contact Lee Bryan.


Q1: I saw the MHRA website says "Rechargeable" but the device doesn't have a rechargeable port, how to explain this? 

Answer: The Rechargeable definition means that the device is rechargeable for pods not for the battery. Please see below for the Specific Note from the MHRA website:

2. Electronic cigarette – Rechargeable

Placed on the market with one type of e-liquid (fixed combination).
This category applies to rechargeable electronic cigarette devices that are placed on
the market as a single unit together with one single-use cartridge containing one type
of e-liquid. The device may subsequently be recharged with cartridges of the same
type or other types, purchased separately.
Where a product consists of two notified products, for example, a rechargeable e-
cigarette sold with a single-use cartridge where the empty e-cigarette product and
the cartridge have both been notified, then if there has been no rebranding the
the composite product does not need to be notified. It will only be accepted that
rebranding has not occurred where the brand names of the individual component
products are clear so that retailers and consumers can access the published
notification information should they choose to do so.
In addition, we consider that any rechargeable product which is also capable of
being used as a refillable should be reported under the refillable category.

Q2: Is that Happy Vibes Twist tank 2ml

Answer: Yes, we strictly control the tank e-juice to 2ml, no more and no less. Please click the following button to download the reported about our 2ml tanks.  

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