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The Vaping Trend—Hop On It With Happy Vibes

Since 2016, the vaping industry has experienced exponential growth in revenue and the number of active vapers. There are over 3,000 vape stores in the UK and an ever-increasing number of online retailers serving about 3.2 million regular vapers.

This popularity in the use of vape devices is due to the many underrated benefits of vaping. One of the most common ones is the desire to quit smoking, which vaping is known to deal with. This guide will discuss these benefits extensively and guide you if you want to join this trend.

Why Is Vaping A Trend?

If you want to stop smoking, thousands of people like you also wish to quit. So, you are not alone. One of the suggested options is to take up vaping to reduce the use of cigarettes. Many people have testified to the effectiveness of this method, which is one of the reasons why vaping is a growing trend. However, there are many other reasons why people pick up vape devices; some of these are discussed below.

Vaping is less harmful

Smoking is generally known to cause harm to major organs like the lungs and the heart. This effect is attributed to harmful chemicals in cigarettes, which are dangerous to the body. For example, cigarette smoke forms tar and carbon monoxide, which can lead to health damage. This health concern is one of the reasons why many smokers are trying to quit.

However, vape juices do not contain as many toxins as traditional cigarettes. Hence, it is a safer alternative to the use of cigarettes. Public Health England released that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

Vaping is a cheaper option

Vape devices are also a better alternative to cigarettes in terms of pricing. It is said that a person can save as much as £3,200* every year once he decides to switch from smoking to vaping. Even in terms of health costs, vaping is cheaper as the risks of health compromise are much less.

An average of 14 puffs of vape is equal to one cigarette. You can have about 300 puffs before a typical vape device goes off. Hence, one vape device can cover your needs 21 times better than smoking. This shows that you spend more money on cigarettes for the same satisfaction vaping offers at a lower price.

Better Taste and Smell

Your sense organs, like your nose and tongue, approve of vaping due to the pleasant flavours and scents of vape juice. Unlike smoking, where your clothes and environment are covered with a toxic smell, vaping has a better and more appealing aroma.

Vaping also has great tastes as vape juices are available in enticing flavours, and you can choose as many flavours as you want. Some common flavours are mint, menthol, and lemon & lime.

Vaping has more social appeal

Vaping is more acceptable in social spaces as people find vaping less offensive as compared to smoking. The unpleasant smell of cigarettes is usually offensive to bystanders in public settings. However, vaping does not produce unpleasant smells, making it great for public use.

Vape devices are also more inconspicuous, making them easy to carry and use without attracting much attention. Your vape device can look like any everyday object—a flash drive, a pen, or a pocket drive. Hence, it is easier to use in public spaces than traditional cigarettes.

Vaping with Happy Vibes Vape

Based on the popularity of vaping and the increasing demand for vape devices, many vape companies have sprung up to meet vapers’ demands. Happy Vibes Vape is one such company that aims to provide top-quality vape devices for public and private uses.

Happy Vibes has different vape products set to meet consumer needs at great prices. “Twist” is one of the newly released vape devices that place vapers’ comfort and satisfaction as a top priority. If you want to switch from smoking to vaping and are looking for how to start, this vape device is a great option.

Important Features of the Twist Vape Device

Some features of this Happy Vibes product makes it incomparable to other similar products. With its unique design and composition, Twist Vape provides the best puff. Some of the features that make this possible are;

  1. A 1300 mAh battery—this lasts as long as two days with minimal use.

  2. Over 20 flavour choices, including mint, watermelon ice, and pink lemonade.

  3. Mesh coil that helps to preserve the consistency, strength, and flavour of the vape juice in every puff.

  4. Four 2ml tanks for more quantity of vape juice and longer vaping sessions.

  5. Innovative design to make vaping easier and more comfortable.

Final Words

If you ever wonder why vaping is trending so much these days, the answer is not far-fetched. Many people resort to vaping because it is safer and cheaper than smoking. Vaping also provides great flavour options that make it more desirable.

If you are among those who are trying to quit smoking or looking to explore options, you should try out Happy Vibes latest vape device—Twist. This device is uniquely designed to satisfy your vaping needs.

*Based on a smoker going through a pack per day.

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