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Twist Vape—The Best Vape Device For A Night Out

Twist Vape—The Best Vape Device For A Night Out

The use of vaping devices has become more prevalent in recent years. The reasons for this are not far-fetched. Many people prefer vaping to smoking as it is a cleaner and more affordable way to enjoy some puff. Vaping is also a generally known method to help smokers quit.

The increased acceptance of vaping products makes them suitable companions for outdoor activities. Hence, if you are looking for a perfect vape device for a night out, we’ve got great news for you!

The latest vape product by Happy Vibes—Twist, is one of the best Vape innovations providing users with the best quality.

Why You should use Twist on Your Nights Out

Happy Vibes focuses on providing quality products to satisfy every vaper by using modern technology and innovation. The twist device is one such product with several beneficial features that every vaper should take advantage of.

This vape device is portable, light, and easy to use; thus, making it a suitable choice for outdoor activities. Are you wondering what vape device to use on your evening walk, friends’ nights out, club, or night party? Here are some of Twist’s unique features and reasons why it should be on top of your list.

Special Features

● 20mg/ml Nicotine strength.

● 1300mAh battery.

● Four separate pods (2ml each).

● Twenty colourful and fruit-flavoured options.

● Mesh coil for added advantage.

● Recyclable. Hence, environment-friendly.

Why Twist?

  1. Great battery life.

If you are planning to spend some time outside your home, you surely need a vaping device with excellent battery life. The battery of your vape device is the engine that helps to turn your vape juice into vapour. It will be a shame to have your vape device shut down mid-vaping.

Twist is that device that ensures that this is not your situation. With 1300mAh, you can have a lengthy vaping session even when vaping at a high wattage. It is common to hear recommendations on “managing” your device. As a Twist user, you do not need this on your night out. Your vape device is sufficient to last you through the night.

  1. Unique Flavour options.

Happy Vibes has 20 special vaping flavours, including strawberry kiwi, cotton candy, and fresh mint. One cool feature the Twist device has is that you can combine any of your top 4 favourite flavours and puff them at intervals.

This is possible because of the four different pods that the twist device has. For example, one vape device can have lemon &lime, strawberry kiwi, cotton candy, and BlackCurrant Menthol flavours. And at intervals, you can switch between these four flavours. All you need to do is twist the upper body of your device and give yourself an enjoyable vaping experience while you have fun with friends.

  1. Lasts longer.

Whether using a single flavour or combining multiple flavours, Twist will last longer than the typical vape device. This is so because the four separate tanks can house 2ml of vape juice per tank. Hence, you get 8ml in total, which is more than several other devices offer.

This is perfect for a night out, as you can have as many puffs as possible without being bothered about getting a refill. Twist helps you deal with that and lets you focus on having fun on your outing.

  1. Portable and easy to handle.

The twist device is well-designed to meet your need as it is portable, light, and easy to use. Unlike other vape devices, you do not have to go around with tools to refill your tanks. So, it is a perfect buddy for your hangout.

Twist’s discreet design also allows you to use your device comfortably without being bothered about judgement from every eye.

  1. Mesh coil for excellent quality.

It is not a myth that vape devices with mesh coils provide great hits and more robust flavours. Mesh coils heat properly and more efficiently. They also have a larger surface area, and because of these features, they provide puffs with more potent flavour and consistency.

The twist device is lined with mesh coils rather than regular coils. Hence, there is no such case as having more flavoured or cloudy puffs than the other. Your first puff’s quality is the same until you reach the last puff. You can therefore have a great time on your night out with quality flavour with each puff!

Final Words

The Twist Vaping device by Happy Vibes is an excellent innovation; it is well-built with improved technology and striking designs that show quality. This device is perfect for a night out with friends as it is lightweight and durable. Twist also satisfies all the needs of vapers as it is easy to use, creates less mess, and can last for an extended period.

Therefore, choose your twist device today and enjoy consistent strong flavours from the first puff to the last one.

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