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Dangers of Low Quality Vape Devices: Protecting Your Well-being

A vape device is a battery-powered device that heats e-liquids, turning them into vapour for inhalation. While vape devices mimic traditional smoking, they are safer and healthier as they contain fewer harmful substances. Also, vape devices are more appealing due to their attractive flavours with great tastes and scents.

Vape devices are a safer choice, but are all vape devices safe to use? Low-quality vape devices are becoming more popular in recent times, causing several types of health complications. In this article, we’ll discuss low-quality vape devices and the dangers they pose.

Low-Quality Vape Devices Vs. High-Quality Vape

A vape device contains several parts and several ingredients for proper vaping sessions. Some of these parts are the battery, the vape juice pod, and the mesh coil. Some common ingredients in vape are flavours, vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and water. If the quality of these ingredients or parts is diminished, the result is a low-quality vape device.

  • Raw materials:

High-quality vape products are made using naturally produced extracts and flavours. In contrast, low-quality vape products contain several artificial ingredients with harmful chemicals and toxins.

  • Production process:

The manufacturing process for high-quality vape devices is excellent, following standard practices. The production processes for low-quality vape devices are indifferent to manufacturing guidelines. The Tobacco Product Directive, for example, is an important standard that all high-quality vape products must abide by.

  • Vaping satisfaction:

Vaping satisfaction is important for every vaper, as vaping sessions should be enjoyable. This can be easily achieved with high-quality vape devices due to the right balance of flavour, aroma, and nicotine. Low-quality products can compromise on any of these, resulting in dissatisfaction.

Risks associated with low-quality vape devices

The dangers posed by low-quality vape devices can be in various forms—health, costs, or performance levels. Let’s discuss some of these below.

1. Respiratory issues.

Vaping using low-quality products can lead to health complications like respiratory issues. This is because low-quality vapes are made using substandard materials that contain harmful substances. When inhaled, these substances can pose health risks to the vaper, leading to respiratory issues, lung irritation, allergies, and sometimes cardiovascular diseases.

Also, low-quality vape juices can contain contaminants and toxic chemicals that are harmful to the body. For example, heavy chemicals and volatile organic compounds are typically found in low-quality vape products.

2. Battery Malfunction.

Another risk that is commonly associated with low-quality vape devices is the use of inferior batteries. Batteries used by such devices are of low quality and risk overheating and explosions. Using low-quality batteries in vape devices is harmful as it can cause burns and other severe injuries.

3. Poor product performance.

Aside from health risks and hazards, poor performance levels are also one of the dangers of low-quality vape devices. Vape products of low quality will default in performance, which can happen in various forms. Poor performance can be in vapour production or low nicotine delivery, affecting the overall vaping experience. Such low-quality vape products will make vaping unenjoyable for the vaper.

4. Losses to businesses.

The vaping industry has several business opportunities, like marketing and selling vape products. As a marketer or distributor, you would want to stock up on quality products to provide the best for your customers. However, low-quality vape devices can affect such plans and cause business losses. Selling or marketing substandard products to customers can make them lose confidence in your brand, leading to business losses.

Happy Vibes Vape: High quality Vape Brand

Happy Vibes Vape is a brand that specialises in the production of vape devices with better quality and at better prices. There are several kinds of vape products in the market; however, not all products are crafted with the user in mind. Knowing the dangers of inferior vape products (which can be as severe as Cardiovascular complications), Happy Vibes is focused on delivering safe and superior products.

The Twist is the latest Happy Vibes Vape product with exceptional qualities. It is user-friendly, with great packaging that makes it easy to use. The Twist device is properly sealed and packaged as a high-quality vape device to prevent spills and leaks.

Happy Vibes products are TPD compliant, contain safe ingredients, and have an acceptable nicotine strength. This helps to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all vapers. Other benefits of this quality device are great battery life, improved e-liquid quality, and excellent flavour options. Check out Happy Vibes today for high-quality vape devices to experience overall vaping satisfaction!

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