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Understanding the System of Vaping: How are Vapes Made?

The sales of vape products topped $15.7 billion in 2018, and experts expect at least a two-fold increase in this number in 2023. The growing interest in vaping has led to more questions about vape devices and how they are made.

Vape devices are battery-powered portable devices that are an alternative to traditional smoking. You may wonder how these small devices can last long periods and provide hours-long vaping satisfaction. The answer lies in the mechanics of the device; this guide will explore vape mechanics and its manufacturing process.

Anatomy/Components of a Vape

A vape device comprises several components or parts with unique functions to create an enjoyable experience. While various brands and designs of vape devices exist, these components are a constant part. Hence, they are essential in understanding how vapes are produced.

1. Battery:

The battery is the most essential part of vape, as it powers the whole vaping process. The battery heats the coil, providing the heat for the vape liquid to change into a vapour. It is, therefore, important that an excellent battery for efficiency powers a vape device.

As a vital vape component, batteries should be well taken care of by placing them in comfortable temperatures. Doing this will lengthen their lifespan.

2. The coil:

The coil is typically found close to the battery and is responsible for heating the e-liquids. The coil is important; if it is damaged, it can affect the quality of the vape. For instance, you may notice an odd taste with your vape; such can be traced to a damaged coil.

There are various types of vape coils based on the desired quality and function. For example, mesh coils help to enhance cloud production.

3. Tank containing e-liquids:

Another component of vape is the tank where e-liquids are stored. E-liquids or vape juices are liquids containing nicotine, flavoring, and a base liquid. The substances in e-liquids make them taste and smell great; they are also responsible for vaping pleasure.

Vape tanks are available in varying types, shapes, and sizes. However, there is a restriction on e-liquids capacity; the maximum capacity for tanks is 2mL. Tanks can also be disposable or refillable based on the type of vape.

4. Mouthpiece:

The vape system ends at the mouthpiece, which is more external than the other components. The vapour exits the device through the mouthpiece, and the vaper is allowed to inhale the vapour. The mouthpiece can be slim or wide, based on the user’s preference. This part must be kept clean to prevent contamination.

How are vapes made? All these components are assembled by manufacturers using technology and innovation to provide a vape device for users’ satisfaction.

Stages in Vape Manufacturing Process

Apart from assembling the various parts of a vape device, a series of stages are involved in the manufacturing process of vape. These stages, including quality control and safety considerations, are necessary to ensure that only quality vape devices are produced.

Design and Modelling

There are various types and shapes of vapes; some come in cigarette shapes, and some are made in more discreet forms. Hence, the first stage involved in vape manufacturing is modelling and design. The vape manufacturer considers factors like shape, size, and ease of use in making a vape device. The end product of all designs is to improve the user experience, and all design factors are put in place for this effect.

Quality Control & Testing

Another stage during the manufacturing of vapes is the testing phase. This phase involves a quality check to attest to the effectiveness and efficiency of the produced vape device. It is at this stage that errors made during the production process can be detected and corrected. Checks done at this stage includes coil resistance and battery performance.

Safety Features

Safety considerations are an essential aspect of vape production. Safety features are implemented to minimize risks of hazards or accidents during vaping. These safety measures help to prevent overheating, vape juice contamination, and short circuits. It also involves adhering to the regulations concerning the production of vape devices in a bid to prioritize user safety.

Happy Vibes Vape

Happy vibes vape is a leading manufacturer of quality vape devices. This vape brand focuses on using innovative technology to make vapes that provide user satisfaction. As a reputable vape brand, Happy Vibes follows standard production processes in providing users with high-quality products.

The recently launched product, TWIST is a vape device that is unmatched in its ability to provide optimum satisfaction to vapers. It has a battery capacity of 1400mAh, a mesh coil for improved vape quality, and a portable design. This product has several vape juice flavours, so all vapers can enjoy their favourite flavour. Hence, Happy Vibes Vape checks all the boxes by following the proper manufacturing procedures. These procedures include safety considerations, quality checks, and modelling.

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