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Vaping Etiquettes for a Responsible Vaping Community

Vaping is a relief activity that helps vapers stay refreshed and calm. This and several other benefits are why many people join the ever-growing vape trend. With the influx of people in the industry, there are grey areas on the dos and don’ts of vaping.

The rules of other tobacco products are well spelt out. For instance, everyone knows to avoid enclosed surroundings for smoking. However, what are the etiquettes that guide the use of vape devices? Happy Vibes Vape helps to bridge this knowledge gap with these seven unwritten rules for vaping.

The 7 Vaping Dos and Don’ts

Etiquettes help to govern people’s behaviours, especially in societal gatherings, as they foster smooth interactions between people. Etiquettes do not benefit individuals alone; they are useful in creating a respectful society where everyone is comfortable.

Hence, following vaping etiquette is a great way to ensure a great vaping experience without affecting your society.

Don’t Vape where vape devices are restricted

While it is common knowledge that vaping is a less toxic option than smoking, it is not 100% supported. While it’s rare to find areas where e-liquids are prohibited, these areas exist. Hence, watch out for warning signs that display “no vaping.”

There is a plethora of reasons why vaping may be prohibited in certain areas, which could be religious, personal preferences, or based on history. As long as it is not permitted, avoid vaping in those areas. Adherence to this rule fosters tolerance and peace in the area.

Don’t Vape Around Children or Pets

This is another critical vaping etiquette. Ensure you do not use your vape devices around kids or pets, as they are vulnerable. Cast-off vapour can significantly affect kids and pets as they are sensitive to most vape by-products.

The proper thing to do is to vape far away from where your pets and kids are to create a comfortable environment for you and a safe one for them. Another aspect of care is to store vape products far away from their reach.

Don’t Vape in Queues

While public spaces like queues or the train and other means of transportation may not have a direct order saying “no vaping”, it is improper to vape in these areas. In such places, you are surrounded by people, and not everyone is comfortable with vapour.

Since it is a public area and there are few options to stay far away, they inhale vape, which is not great. Hence, if you are in a public space and need to catch a break to vape, find a smoking area.

Don’t Share Vape Devices

This is an important vape device etiquette. One vape device per person is the rule; sharing vape is unhygienic and can be unhealthy. Exchanging vape devices between people increases the risk of infections.

Hence, make it a habit to refrain from sharing your vape with people, no matter how close. If you would love to share your vape with a friend, get a device for them.

Do Ask Before Vaping in People’s Homes

Getting comfortable around your friends and in their homes or offices is possible. However, this comfort should not stop you from being polite with your vape device. Ensure that you ask if it’s okay to vape before using your device.

Please don’t make assumptions that our friends won’t mind you vaping in their homes. This friend or relative could be a frequent vaper, yet it’s essential to request permission as they may not be comfortable with vaping in their home.

Do not Blow Vape in People’s Faces

I’m sure you have seen several drama scenes where someone blows their puff in someone’s face to make a statement. While it may look funny and great for some dramatic effect, it’s not a great experience.

Even as a vaper, no one likes to be blown vape in the face. Some may argue it’s not a big deal since vape smells better than cigarettes. But remember that there are several vape flavours for a reason; a flavour you like may not be as appealing to another person. Hence, blowing vape in that person’s face can make them uncomfortable or disgusted. Therefore, blow your puffs to the side and away from people’s faces.


We can shape the vaping culture into a respectful and accommodating one. There can be a great relationship between vapers and non-vapers. However, we can only achieve this when vapers are conscious of their environment and others.

The vape etiquette includes respecting restrictions on vaping and keeping vape products away from children. We can foster a responsible vaping community if the seven basic etiquettes discussed above are well adhered to. Happy Vibes Vapes is committed towards safe, considerate and enjoyable vaping sessions.

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