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How to Vape Safely—Important Tips You Should Know

Vaping is relatively safe, especially compared to other nicotine delivery methods. However, vape devices pose certain risks you should be wary of, when misused. Hence, it is essential that you vape safely.

Safe vaping requires you to adhere to all guidelines provided by manufacturers of your vape device and other industry experts. Doing this will ensure that you do not face any health risks and that your vaping experiences are enjoyable. Importantly the UK government as urged smokers in England to move from cigarettes to vapes in a world first scheme.

Guidelines for Safe Vaping

If you want to start vaping or are worried about the risks, this section will help guide you toward safe vaping. Follow the tips discussed below to ensure that you are vaping safely.

Purchase your vape devices from reputable sources

The first rule of vaping is that if the device is faulty, the experience is fiddled. You are more likely to enjoy vaping when you purchase your e-liquid vape pen and other products from trusted sources. Several products in the market contain harmful ingredients. However, if you buy from a reliable vape store, you can be confident that your device is safe.

It is also crucial that your vape e-liquids are protected by the UK safety & quality regulations board. You are most likely to find these suitable e-liqu

ids at reliable stores—online or offline.

Store your vape juices safely

Another way to practice safe vaping is to be sure that those around you are kept out of harm’s way with vape devices. Ensure your vape juices are kept away from kids and pets to avoid accidental ingestion. The contents of vape juices are harmful to kids and fur animals.

You should also ensure you do not vape close to kids or pets. Doing this may cause them to breathe in by-products formed from vaping. These by-products contain harmful or toxic chemicals that are unsafe for children and pets.

Know Your Nicotine Limit

Vape devices come with labels showing the nicotine strength of all vape juices. They show how much nicotine is present per ml of your vape juice. This information on labels is to guide you on purchasing e-liquids within your limit.

Although it may take some tries to find a perfect fit for you, you should start with low nicotine strengths and increase with time. This will help you control your nicotine intake and help you manage the risk of addiction.

Avoid adding chemicals to your vape juice

Sometimes, vapers try to be creative with vaping by trying out several ideas seen online. One mistake many people make is blindly following these online suggestions without verifying with professionals. A common idea many vapers have tried out, which ended badly, is to add some chemicals to their e-juice to “improve effectiveness.”

However, this usually ends up causing more harm than good, as many of these additives are usually unsafe or contain toxins. Hence, no matter how appealing the idea is, do not put extra chemicals in your vape without a professional’s direction.

Use the suitable Vape device charger

Using the correct charger is vital in ensuring your safety while using vape devices. Your vape device will always be sold to you along with its charger. Make sure you only charge your device with the provided charger. Although several chargers may look similar and can even charge your device, they do not produce the same wattage. If too many or too few watts are released into your device, there is a risk of damage and sometimes electrical complications.

You should also ensure that you do not leave your device unattended and plugged in for long periods.

Practice Vape Hygiene

Hygiene is an essential component of health safety. Therefore, if you want to vape safely, you should pay particular attention to hygiene. Ensure you clean your mouth properly after vaping; you can brush thoroughly or use mouthwash. Cleaning will help ensure that sweetened flavours clear off your tongue to prevent bacterial growth.

Proper hygiene is not limited to caring for yourself alone but also includes taking care of your vape device. It is possible to have dirt and bacteria build up in your device, which can then be transferred into your mouth. Build-up of dirt can

also affect the quality of your vape juice. Hence, clean out your device occasionally.


Some other helpful tips to ensure safe vaping include;

● Staying hydrated as vaping can cause dehydration.

Using the proper vape device that suits your needs best.

● Following all instructions given by manufacturers.

● Only purchase vape devices with proper packaging.

● Do not chain vape; give 30 seconds between each hit. This will help you avoid dry hits.

Happy Vibes for Safe Vaping

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